Hey all!

Welcome to Heartoppaya Says! This site is free for commenting and laughing… I mean with me at the wheel, it would be hard to NOT laugh, right?

Some people have had the great unpleasure of meeting me – by person or not – but let me tell you something, for the 22 years I’ve spent on this planet I have known something that will generally bring you out of your gloom – anywhere – any time – any place :

Laughter, The Best Medicine.

I’m generally a very funny person and I’ve been in so many unpleasant and very embarrassing situations. For example…….. nah, not right now, not when I’m welcoming you to my crazy blog.

Anyway, I’m a huge fan of Asian entertainment – especially Korean dramas/movies and recently, Japanese dramas/movies. So suffice to say, I might start doing some recaps (I have some in mind) that blogs haven’t covered, and so I’ll be pulling them out to give you my take on those specific dramas.

I hope you enjoy this blog and please be kind enough to leave a comment and perhaps a LOL, coz what Heartoppaya says is truly something to laugh about.

Alrighty then,



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  1. cinzia says:

    hello how are you? can i ask you if you started the fanfiction of healer i am really curious, thank you in advance

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  2. cinzia says:

    i wanted to ask but the fan fiction is about jcw and pmy or the healer OTP jh and ys

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    1. heartoppaya says:

      Hi Cinzia, thanks for commenting. Yeah. I still didn’t fulfill my promise to write the fix, right? But I will. Let’s hope, with fingers crossed, that I will continue it. 😊


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