Hottest Actors That I Rank Drool-worthy! Part 1

I haven’t had much time to think through with recaps, since I occupy much of my time drooling over the hot Kdrama actors around. Thankfully, I’m not in Korea, coz if I was, they’d have to put a restraining order for the Tasmanian devil lurking around with a camera. *looks around* No, not me.

So since I have almost nothing to do, I thought I’ll rank my obsessiveness over Kdrama hotties, who occupy my screen and my heart. Don’t you drool, they’re MINE! My precioussssssss…….


Who doesn’t know Trash Oppa, right? The hilarious hottie from Reply 1994 (2013) who captured our hearts as the lovable but clueless country bumpkin with satoori, a motor mouth and really good kissing skills. We don’t have to reconsider why Na Jeung (Go Ara) fell in love with him – he’s too adorable for words! And let’s not forget those choco-abs….. I would forever stay in his pig-sty if he would give me this smile… Also don’t forget Jung Woo’s upcoming projects: Himalaya and C’est Si Bon. Definitely ready to give us a head rush!



After portraying a cute puppy in Empress Ki, this adorable hottie gained much deserved love from netizens around the world. I mean look at his smile, he’s so swoon-worthy. And recently, he captured my heart again in Healer, with Park Min Young (City Hunter, A New Leaf) with whom he won the Best Couple at the 2014 KBS Drama Awards (while mid-drama! How amazing must be their chemistry?), with the swingin’ acrobatics, clueless Clark Kent persona and walked-in-the-rain-and-kicked puppy looks, he’s swooning all ladies, no matter what. I’m really looking forward to see him become a hallyu star, because he’s got potential. And those abs…. I won’t be Heartoppaya (a.k.a Pervy Dongsaeng) if I didn’t mention abs…




He’s been the hot topic ever since his amazing acting in Age of Innocence (Mo Il Hwa) but then his popularity rose heaven-wards after being paired up with Kim So Eun (Boys Over Flowers, Liar Game) in We Got Married. They are currently known as the SoLim Couple (alternatively Olthakhuna Couple) and even won Best Couple at the 2014 MBC Entertainment Awards. Jae Rim’s subtleness and humor is just another winning factor for being a well recognized actor. Well, it’s now or never, Rimmie! I don’t mind his cheesy lines and aneroxic looks as long as he makes me (and So Eun) swoon… Song Jae Rim’s upcoming drama is Unkind Women. Don’t forget to tune into that!


I’m currently outta breath, just looking at these hotties, so I’ll come back, just to have a second go…. Until then, Anneyong!

Heartoppaya, peace out.


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  1. PiyuMiUmesha says:

    I couldn’t even imagine what would happen to me if I was in korea.Specialy becoz of those handsome oppas like Chang Wook oppa.He has driven me crazy as Healer. His acting is so serious and OMG the way he look in those eyes it is damn hot.I’m not familiar with other two actors. But the way that you express your feelings about them got my heart so I’m definately gonna stuck with them from now on.Thank you for adding another two oppas to my heart.Now I have two new reasons to visit korea. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. heartoppaya says:

      Hi piumi, thanks for commenting. Oh yeah, JCW is one got specimen. Even I’ve got 😍 just looking at him. Healer was a marked turn in his career and definitely worth a re-watch.
      You can find the other two actors in Reply 1994 (Jung Woo) and Nail Shop Paris (Song Jae Rim). Jung Woo also recently did a movie called “C’est Si Bon” and I think he’s currently doing a movie called “Himalayas”. Song Jae Rim did his WGM stint with his onscreen wifey-poo, Kim So Eun that shot heavenward with popularity. You’ve got to check that out too.
      Thanks for being lovely as always. 😊


  2. Elle says:

    Jung Woo looks gorg in that first pic! I like!! During AM94, I totally wasn’t feeling him (grossness is not my thing) then he took off his shirt & I was a goner. Then I became a bit pervy and just wanted to see him without his shirt again. Chilbongie wasn’t bad either though. I basically got whiplash going back and forth between the two of them. Brings back some memories, for sure, lol.

    As far as Song Jae-rim, I sat through Nail Shop Paris due to his hotness.

    I’ll sign off now lest you think all I do is ogle men. Bye & I’m sure I’ll see you around on DB.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. heartoppaya says:

      Hi Elle, thanks for commenting, and no, you’re not the only one who stares at abs. *points at self*
      Of course you’ve gotta watch the WGM stint Song Jae Rim did with Kim So Eun as it was such a major turn from “silent hottie” to “cheesy wanna-make-him-my-hubby hottie”… Lol
      See, all I do is ogle men. 😉


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