I was working at my office one day when one of my seniors barged through the door, running like the wind, carrying her phone and a big smile on her face with the weirdest phrase escaping her mouth :

“I found talent!”

I wanted to scoff and tattle to my colleagues about our superior finally going cuckoo, when I realized that the direction she was heading to was towards your’s trully. What did I do? This:


Anyway, point was, since I was a guitarist (amateur, mind you) myself, she was here to show a “talent” she has just discovered. The eighteen year old guitar prodigy, Jung Sungha.

The boy is such a cutie and I thought I’d give him a chance. What started as a little curiosity bloomed into noona-love and suddenly this noona was head over heals for him and his guitar. I agree with what my superior said: “The boy’s got talent”

And I want to add something to it, Jung Sun-ha, you are a blessing to Mother Korea. Keep up the good work.

Here’s some videos that will Blow. your. Mind.

I’m Your’s Ft. Jason Mraz

Pirates Of The Carribean Ft. Jacky Lau

… and Jung Sunha’s cover to Jason Mraz’s I’m Your’s that touched the experienced singer’s heart..

Seriously, this boy is sooooo good….

You can visit his Youtube Account to subscribe and be an avid fan as I am.


Peace out!


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