Relatively new Kdrama actors stealing the screen (and our hearts!) big time!


We watch a drama because the plot is good, we love the actors and we dig the OST. But sometimes there are dramas where we get all three above plus something else. Something more. Like never before seen actors/characters suddenly becoming undeniably appealing. That’s when we fall head over heels and follow him. That’s when we go, “the kid’s got potential”. And that’s when a new star is born.

I’ve got a list of actors who recently hit the jackpot and moved us, noonas’/ahjummas’ hearts. If you think I’ve missed out any potential hotties, please let me know. We have to make them popular!

1. Ji Soo


Since recently, Ji Soo (birth name: Kim Ji Soo) has been stealing hearts left and right with his very adorable Go Bok Dong character in the MBC drama, ” Angry Mum”, where Kim Hee sun (Faith) is the titular angry mum, who disguises herself as a high school student to  attend her daughter’s high school and makes a certain puppy go gaga over her. Said puppy is Bok Dong.

While Hee Sun fights bullies and save the day, she ought to have a cutie waiting for her, to be her designated black knight, right? Too bad there’s no chance of a romance to develop between these two, who are 16 years apart from age. But of course, noonas and ahjummas all over the world would say with me, “age is just a number”, if only Go Bok Dong is a real person. No worries, Ji Soo is adorable in real life as much as he is in reel life. Ladies, get in line…..

2. Yoon Kyun Sang


Relatively new? Not exactly. Yoon Kyun Sang rose up to fame after his memorable character in Pinocchio, as Lee Jong Seok’s elder brother (hyung), but he has been in Lee Min Ho’s Woodalchi team in Faith, years ago. We all adored how cute the brothers were, looking out for each other and being so…… cute, overall.

I loved his expressions and how hot he looked, but how amazing was that he, as the hyung, towered quite tall Lee Jong Seok. So practically, Jong Seok looked up at his hyung. Whoever chose the characters, they did well. He was happy, the actors were happy, the drama was well received and we are happy that we got another hottie in our plate!

3. Son Seung Won


He’s not exactly a breakout star, but it was the first time I took notice of this cute hottie with a mysterious aura. Of course you all know I’m talking about the young baddie in Healer a.k.a young Kim Moon Shik. When he’s not bad and planning, he’s actually quite cute and adorable.

If you follow him on Instagram, you can see how keen he is about fanfare. He loves taking pics of himself and we love him for that. I’m quite sure he will get more recognition, because if not, there’ll be a grand load of ahjummas and noonas blaming the management. Seung Won has definitely won hearts.

4. Byun Yo Han


I have no idea how to explain how quick Yo Han rose to fame, practically overnight. He’d played minor roles before his big breakout role in Misaeng, which nobody hated. He was hilarious and endearing and we wanted more of him and his amazing bromance with Geu Rae, right? After that, he starred in many pictorials which was how he shot to fame overnight.

He’s recently starred in Ex-Girlfriend Club with Song Ji Hyo (Emergency Couple) where he acted as the ex-boyfriend to three characters and the best friend/wannabe-boyfriend to Ji Hyo’s character. I particularly LOVED him in it and am looking forward for his new projects. If anybody can do natural, that’s Byun Yo Han. And is it a coincidence that he’s besties with Ji Soo?

5. Kwak Si Yang

Kwak Si Yang was a sensation in Persevere Gu Haera, where he starred as the twin who kept his feelings hidden away in a corner of his teenage heart. Smart, sexy, appealing, witty yet not quite outspoken, Si Yang’s character became popular for being emotional and expressive. If anything, this boy can do angst!

I love his smile, though. And he kisses quite well. Lucky Min Hyo Rin, is all I have to say. Sigh.

So who are the other hotties that grab your heart?


3 Comments Add yours

  1. dee says:

    Love Mr Kwak ❤ but I want to see him more in leading roles..

    Liked by 1 person

    1. heartoppaya says:

      Aww Dina unnie, you are obsessed with him. 😄 So cute though.😍


  2. alekaonu says:

    hi heartoppaya you have written quite a lot and I’m going through each one of your fanfic. Like I said before, I’m waiting for a spicy one from you.


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