The Time We Were Not In Love Episode 1 Review


I like it. I’m really enjoying it.

I wouldn’t be myself if I stop from there, so I’m gonna say why I believe this drama is going to be in my plate.

The leads. Really, I think our heroine, OH HA NA comes off as arrogant and really rude. No matter what problems she comes across, she tries to make it all about her. But if not for Ha Ji Won’s portrayal, I don’t think I would like Ha Na much. Although she is making it all about herself, there is something about her that makes us feel for her. She thinks of herself high and mighty and doesn’t give an inch to what others might think. But I absolutely LOVE her.


From the start, she is worried about her age and her status of with-boyfriend-but-not-married. And she’s 34! Ohmygawd! O_o…. Ok, by 34 she ought to be married, but people can have opinions, right? But no, its NOT her option to be not married. Her dear darling boyfriend, Joo Ho Joon (Choi Jung Won cameoing for some episodes) seems totally busy and has no time for her. She received a basket of flowers from him and a ‘Happy Birthday!’ with it. Lol. Even I would kill him for that.

Now onto our hero, CHOI WON (Lee Jin Wook) who just lights up her world and mine with that adorable smile and puppy dog looks. I believe Lee Jin Wook haven’t looked more cute AND hot, both at the same time.


Choi Won (a.k.a Wonnie, according to Ha Na) is a flight attendant who looks prim and proper in uniform, but is a bundle of joy when out of it. He’s Ha Na’s BFF since high school and she tells everything to him. He loses bets to get her sandwiches every morning, let’s her torture him for nothing and even makes her crack a smile or too, just by being an idiot. If anything, he’s a real hero and I love him to bits!


We don’t see much depth into his character except for him vowing (to himself?) to never ever love her. I wonder why he’s telling that to her when poor Ha Na looks confused. She just came to deliver a gift from a friend who likes him, and he’s making himself believe that he will never love her and they will never date. Ever! Lol. That’s denial speaking. And its even more adorable with his pouty face and his deliver. Its like the longer version of “Even if we are stranded in an island and you and I are the only people alive, I will never date you”. Haha. I’m sorry Wonnie, but its too cute for words. Can I hug you instead? ❤❤❤

Although we get that they are best of friends, I like how often they get into conflicts but naturally solve it between themselves, just they can’t be without each other. Its cute and appropriate.


In the final minutes, we get to see how much wrong Won’s previous words of never loving her and never dating her is. We can see that he is irrecoverably in love with her, and just by being close he gets affected. Its that gaze that gets me to feel so close to him, and I just want him to get the girl no matter how hard it would be. I just want them to gt together, even if this is just the first episode. Choi Won is doing me in, and doing me in gooood.


The plot. Ha Na wants to get married since she’s 34 already, but instead of getting a measly basket of flowers, her boyfriend does nothing. They plan to meet up and she catches him jewellery shopping. She cutely preps herself for the impending proposal (thank you very much, Choi Won for putting hopes in her mind) but we get the feeling that this meeting is not going to end well. Sure enough, the boyfriend turns out to be a two-timing cheater, who has made the other girl pregnant and has to marry her. He doesn’t seem much opposed to that though, judging by his grin in the meeting next day, as the other girl, who is a junior to Ha Na explains a new shoe concept appropriate for the younger generation. Suffice to say, this doesn’t sit well with our heroine who points out the wrongdoings AND openly diss her for being stupid. Ouch. But I have no sympathy for you. You hurt uri Ha Na.


Knowing that she has to overcome her boyfriend being married, she attends the wedding, although grudgingly, but is met on the way by her BFF. He received the news of her breakup by her oppa, and is here to make the day right. It already is, he’s smiling! What was I saying?

Oh yeah. So they attend the wedding as a fake couple, but I foresee disaster, probably by the hands of Ha Na. Like her coworkers said, a dumped virgin (a.k.a Ha Na) is scarier than a happy Ha Na. But surprise surprise! Choi Won stirs Le Shit by punching her ex, right from the bathroom to the hall. Ha Na’s near tears as everybody stares at the couple who made the chaos in the first place and poor Ha Na apologizes all the way until everyone leaves.

Won follows her all the way home and cutely monitors her Anger Meter. It ranges from stopping three times before turning around to (a) beat the shit out of him or (b) curse him to the next life. He evades both this time, thankfully, but gets some hits from her handbag. They finally make up when Ha Na smiles at seeing him nodding off in the bus. True, its cute.

They sit down later for beer and spicy chicken and make a bet: if they don’t marry by 35, the unmarried one will have to give the married one $500….. No, $5000? Deal. Lol these two.

But when Ha Na comes really close to him, he pushes her away saying that she smells of chicken, but I did see you staring at her lips intensely, lover boy.

The flashbacks. Really cute and spot on too, but I need more to be convinced that he’s in love with her. All I saw was her being bratty and not letting him speak up. But they are cute together and thats all I want.


Bring out the goodies (a.k.a Yoon Kyun Sang and L, specifically) for episode two. I’m counting on you, show!


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  1. dee says:

    I hope to see the love blossom soon 🙂 and still wondering what might have happened that forced won to say he would never love her.. I keep thinking it’s a rumor about ha na.. Let’s see!
    Expecting more from ep 2 🙂
    Great review hearoppaya 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. heartoppaya says:

      Thanks Dee, as always, my loyal unnie Chan. Let’s cross our fingers and toes and hope for the best for the second episode. 🙂
      And I just can’t get over how cute Lee Jin Wook is… 😍


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