The Time We Were Not In Love Episode 3 Review


I hate it when people hurt my pretties and today that happened to my darling Oh Ha Na. But she’s got no worries, her besties is always there to save her and be her sarcastic and witty white knight. It might be a price for her to pay, but for now, let’s just stay in the comfort zone.


Ha Na is saved from the rain by Sung Jae, her young coworker, and she tells us (?) that it might be love- only for Won to cut through saying that it is her being plain stupid. Lol. Way to put it timidly, love. I don’t mind, as long as he stays pretty.

This episode explores hidden desires (Won’s) and heartbreaks (Ha Na), but with each other, they can make any day bright as the sun. That’s what friends are for, right?


So Eun, Wonnie’s cute yet clingy coworker gets to eat out with the two besties, and get drunk, making Won her black knight (somebody who will drink in her honor). Won agrees to drop her off and for a millisecond it seems as if Ha Na is jealous. But that can’t be, right? Ha Na gets Sung Jae to drop her off and the two besties part ways eying each other’s “significant other” jealously. Lol. I hate that Sung Jae had to go all the way and hold Ha Na’s hand. Poor baby Wonnie, he looked ready to kill the younger boy. Best thing is, this walk is seen by a coworker of Ha Na’s. When Ha Na takes a wash and calls Won, he’s still with So Eun, having had another drink at her place. She lives with her grandma, who has gone on a trip with her friends. I smell something fishy. Lol. Ha Na looks pissed alright.


She keeps her phone on her pillow and stares at it, waiting for it to ring. I adore how she stares at it all night waiting for her bestie to call. I would be half asleep by now if I was Ha Na.


The next day, Ha Na is greeted with a cup of coffee and a cute note, courtesy of Sung Jae and she smiles saying how can she not misunderstand. Its adorable how she lights up (and burns her lips from the hot coffee) whenever Sung Jae shows up.

She meets her high school best friend Young Ji, who is divorced and finding her Prince Charming through giving insurance with personal details. Lol. She’s a smart cookie. And I really love her interactions with both friends.

Flashback time! Young Ji sees Ha Na and Won after their accidental date, where Won “mistakenly” grabs Ha Na’s scrunchies, and seethes with a cute jealousy. She confronts Ha Na right that moment asking whether she is dating Won. Ha Na “NO”. Awwwww. Young Ji is pretty sure that they are dating. The next day she brings both of them to the church to swear that they are not dating. Interestingly enough, neither denies but beats around the bush. But to be fair, Young Ji doesn’t even give them the chance to speak. And when she does, Won goes “I like somebody else” and both girls shut up. Ha Na doesn’t look much happy about it though.

That night, Sung Jae gives a report on the actress they want to model their shoes, who is currently divorced and doesn’t want to model for Tandy, or any fashion company. Seeing that the actress might be attending a red carpet event makes the wheels turn in Ha Na’s mind and she asks a favor from Sung Jae, which we don’t get to know. Yet.


The two go on a road trip the following day and end up meeting the actress who is doing exercises. She is hard-buy and keeps refuting the offers, no matter how attractive the package might be. Finally Ha Na brings out the better goods: a black mermaid dress and silver heels (which look reaaaally pretty!) for her to wear for the red carpet event. She plays dumb when the actress just shoots looks and exactly doesn’t reject it. Finally after a lot of reverse psychology, she accepts it and the two look like they could burst from happiness.


They spend the rest of the time shopping and doing cute couple-like activities. And that night, Ha Na adorably prepares for a dinner out. I can smell that something might go wrong, because so far there had been no hiccups. I hate it for Ha Na if Sung Jae breaks her heart, but I hope he won’t. I might hurt for my baby girl…..

But of course, it happens.


Ha Na catches him talking over the phone, convincing somebody that he can get permanent because he’s close with the Team Leader, and she will take care of him. I felt like hitting him and hitting him again and again because of what he said. Ha Na asks him, “How do you know, that we are close?” Gauntlet. Thrown.

He at least has the right to look hurt/guilty but I still might hit him.


Meanwhile Won makes dinner for So Eun and Mi Hyang, his cousin sister. It goes well so far, and Mi Hyang seems to like So Eun.


Ha Na breaks down in tears, letting us know that she is giving up on love. Awwwwww. *tears* I would really not like to see Sung Jae. Ever again. Ever. That would be the last of him, please…….

Ha Na goes to the beach and to a playground, looking at couples who hold hands and laugh. She sits on a swing and cries. Suddenly it starts to rain and everybody runs. She sits where she is, trying to shield herself from the rain, but failing. Suddenly somebody shields her, with a shirt…… I might reconsider my love-hate for Sung Jae if its him…..


Its him!


The best BFF/potential boyfriend for the year is Choi Won. You rock my heart, love!!!!

The way Ha Na looks at him says something that might happen in the future….. I hope. I can’t wait to watch the fourth episode of course…… Until then..



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  1. Namedx says:

    Awesome recapping style, hearty!! Sucked me right in! ! Won totally wins BFF award of the year – both swoonworthy and loyal! How can one not like him!? The guy is killing me with his *i’m totally not in love with you* friendly gestures – who’s he fooling, pfft. I’m gonna resist the urge to read past ep 3 as I’ve yet to watch further!

    I look forward to more recaps/reviews though – both past and present dramas!! X

    Liked by 1 person

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