The Time We Were Not In Love Episode 4 Review


Episode 4 introduced a new character and gave new feelings to our heroine, who starts to confuse her friendship with Won for something else. Something….. more. I dunno whether I should be happy for her for finally noticing Won as a man or whether to be sad for her because her whole life is going to change. That’s what happens when you fall in love with you best friend. Heartache. Wonnie has learnt well.


We start off with Won saving her from the rain, and getting rained on. After all, that’s what friends are for, right? I cringe for So Eun, but I care for Ha Na more. The two besties smile at each other as Won scolds Ha Na for getting wet. Speak for yourself, love. He books a room for them to get out of their wet clothes and have beer and chicken drumsticks as an appetizer. Yum. Ha Na empathizes with her sorry fate and Won can’t take it anymore. They challenge each other to drink. Lol. This could end well.

They are so playful when they are drunk as Won cutely impersonizes the statue Liberty with a lamp and a plant. Lol. I love this guy. They play for the whole night, forgetting about the worries. Just them. Only them.


Won wakes up the next day to see Ha Na cacooned around him. He adorably pushes back her hair. But when she wakes up he quickly closes his eyes. Lol. So cute. She watches him for a while before he “wakes” up and they both stare at each other before Won unceremoniously mentions that his arm (which was under her head the whole time) has fallen asleep. He let her sleep all this time. So cute!

They get back home and Ha Na purposely avoids skinship. She is quite aware of her attractive best friend now and feels really uncomfortable now. Poor Won is so confused. This interaction is seen by Ha Na’s brother who watches curiously. Lol. I can practically see the wheels run in his mind.


Won dresses for work and Ha Na keeps flashing back to the night before as they rested on bed, and Won being her (sexy) pillow. They talked and Ha Na seems to finally see Won as another man. Finally. And it took you seventeen years…. Won keeps flashing back as well, getting foam on his nose and around his mouth, making his colleagues ask whether he wants to enact Gil ra Im (Ha Ji Won’s role in Secret Garden). lol. Meta joke. But he looked so cute. How does she relieve her stress? By cleaning her room and practically giving her mum a heartache. Lol. You never clean your room, do you? We can be besties! Still not relieved Ha Na goes out for a bike ride and hurts her arm. She purposely avoids everytime Won calls her. Her brother tells his parents that something happened between noona and Wonnie Hyung. Whisper: “they spent the night together”. Cue gasps all around. He further explains that they looked like a newly wed couple after their honeymoon night. Haha. If only. But in the next moment they are planning to leave the two friends alone so some kinda spark might happen and they would date. Lol. Mums.


To make things worse, Ha Na drops her phone in the toilet and cringingly fishes it out (ew). The phone won’t work but she isn’t much concerned, she deserves a vacation. I agree. This girl has been through a lot. But so have I. Where is my vacation?! She hears that Sung Jae hasn’t been in the office and feels bad about the way she came onto him. Don’t, sweetie, you weren’t wrong. She provokes her employer that Sung Jae is a diligent worker and asks him to promote him to a permanent position. She doesn’t hold grudges, that’s an attitude I can relate to.


It starts raining that day too and Sung Jae opens his umbrella for her….. but, she brought her own umbrella this time. Good girl. She learned from her mistakes. He sincerely thanks her and she replies that he was a good worker and knew the way to a woman’s heart, please use your heart for a good deed in the future. Now she sounds like Team Leader Oh. He watches her walk and thanks her silently. She is a bigger person.

Won keeps sending her message after message: meet him, if she doesn’t come to the rooftop in ten minutes he’s going to start eating the said without her, and so on. Too bad her phone is damaged. Lateron when she reads them, there are over 200 messages. Lol. Adorable. She buys her brother a pair of shoes. Cute.

The smart Papa Oh and Mama Oh leaves for a small trip and asks Won to take care of Ha Na, who can’t even change the broken light with her cast. They shuffle awkwardly when they come in close contact and it seems to be a first. Won goes away saying goodnight. Minutes later Ha Na comes out to see Won standing outside his gate, lost in thought. When she wonders why he’s here, he walks towards her purposefully and Omo! Kisses her!!!


She forgets that her hand is in a cast for a moment as she punches him in the face and… Won wakes up from his nightmare. Lol. Nice fake-out.

The next day Won goes out with his “girlfriend” So Eun for a art exhibition but doesn’t see Ha Na who sees them happily talking. She seems disappointed. That night as she gazes out at Son’s window, he catches her and they have dinner together, with Won oh-so-adorably feeding her. That’s what friends are for, right? Or is it?


I love how quickly they got over any uncomfortable thoughts, because that’s how true friends are. They can’t stay mad at each other for long. And they definitely can’t stay away from each other for long. I love and envy their relationship.

We finally get a glimpse of our second lead, CHA SEO HOO (Yoon Kyung Sang, who impressively portrayed Lee Jong Hyuk’s hyung in Pinocchio) as he lands in Korea and goes to practice at a hall. He practices (very prettily) for a while before remembering Ha Na. Is he her exboyfriend? The one who made her clean her room the most when she broke up with him? Suddenly he gets up and goes to Ha Na’s neighborhood. She is in the top of the world to have lunch with Won…. Wait. She’s in love with him now? Or is that the beauty of friendship? Or maybe they are celebrating the fact that she is finally out of her cast. Haha.


He watches her sadly as she dances in the sunshine next to Won who stares sadly at Seo Hoo. What exactly happened between these three?

Until then… The Cute Ages Of  Uri Wonnie! ❤❤❤



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