The Time We Were Not In Love Episode 5 Review


Aaaaaaaand, it’s official. I need a Wonnie in my life, even if its only as a friend. He makes it right even on a rainy day. I have never fallen in love with a character so much before (except for Seo Jung Hoo and Joo Joong Won, that is) and I just can’t help but swoon even when he teases our darling heroine. And not to be out done, this time it’s Ha Na’s turn to show how much Won means to her in her life. To put it simply, everything.


Ha Na walks in the airport possibly sometime (years/months) back, talking on her phone with Won. She ensures him that her exboyfriend, Cha Seo Hoo wants to surprise her and that’s why she’s meeting him at the airport. Won doesn’t look happy and tries to convince her otherwise. Did he see something unpleasant about Seo Hoo? When Won arrives at the airport, he sees Seo Hoo come towards Ha Na and surprise her with a kiss. The heartbroken puppy watches from afar.


Then we forward to where we stopped last week, with Ha Na dancing in the (supposedly) nice weather and Won staring at Seo Hoo, who looks mesmerized with Ha Na yet again. With Won’s doubtful stare it becomes quite possible that the ex left behind a broken hearted Ha Na and Won is NOT happy at that. Ha Na wishes to have lunch at their usual place but before Seo Hoo could be discovered, Won drags her away saying that he knows a good place. They go back to the same place where they got drunk with So Eun last week but today, its only the two friends. Won is still thinking about seeing Seo Hoo near their houses and starts to give all negative answers whenever Ha Na asks a question. Ha Na : “Why are you so negative today?”. Pffft.

Won tries to cheer things up by suggesting a bike ride the next morning. He gets a message by So Eun who asks whether he has any plans. He doesn’t even spare a glance, only paying all his attention to Ha Na. Where, oh where, can I find a guy like him? She reads out the message to him, and Won’s answer: “So tomorrow is okay for the bike ride? Just the two of us?”


It turns to be three of them, with the ever endearing So Eun tagging along. It starts out with Ha Na as the third wheel (she even mentions it) but ends up with So Eun as the third wheel.

Crafty So Eun mentions that they look like siblings (WTF girl?) resulting poor Wonnie with a coughing fit. Lol. They can’t be any further from siblings. The bike ride is cute, with Wonnie and So Eun riding a tandem bike (So Eun supposedly can’t ride a bike – why would she even come then?) but at the baseball batting cage the two friends compete and its really cute that Wonnie teaches how to play to Ha Na. He gives money to So Eun to learn when she says that she doesn’t know too. Pfffft. Nicely played Wonnie.


In the batting cage Won gets a call from his mum, which he mentions that to Ha Na on the car ride.

By the end of the day So Eun doesn’t look much happy but the two besties seem content with each other. Ha Na watches Won from the backseat as he makes faces at her. He previously made such faces when his mum left him. In a flashback Ha Na brings lunch to Won who reads a letter his mum left for him. He makes the same funny faces, which is his way of hiding his pain I’m guessing. Oh, my poor boy. They end up in the rooftop eating the food Ha Na brought. Flashback ends.

Ha Na’s mum wants Won to join them for dinner, but both Ha Na and her dad tells mum to leave him alone for today. As Won thinks in his room, color light fall on his face and around him. He gets a call from Ha Na. So cute. She tries to cheer him up. Awwwwwwwww.


Meanwhile, Ha Na’s brother gets into a shoe pulling contest with Assistant Hong. Wait, are they going to make a romance bud between these two? Assistant Hong wins, but gets scolded by both Ha Na and Ha Na’s boss for picking the wrong size. Won sees So Eun with her legs up and brings her medicine. So Eun is hopeful that she might have a chance with Won, but he shoots her down saying that he’s a concerned sunbae. Suits you right, partycrasher. Seo Hoo meets Won and theu have this passive aggressive dick-waving contest, that would be hilarious if not for the dire situation.

Ha Na is super pissed when she comes back to her seat then discovers a really cute pink huge sleepy bunny. The next moment, Won is carrying said bunny with a pained expression on his face. Haha. They end up drinking at a pojangmacha (soju stall at the street) and Won suggests checking the bunny for any bombs, which Ha Na ends up doing after all. Hahahaha. Epic, these two.

So Eun butter up Mi Hyang as always but ends up getting snouted when Unnie mentions that the only girl Won has mentioned for the past seventeen years is Ha Na and Ha Na only. I used to have some sympathy for So Eun, but seeing her butting into my OTP made me a mad fangirl. You stay in the corner now and think about what you did.


Seo Hoo meets Ha Na and thinks that he can continue from where they stopped. How wrong is he? Ha Na has (?) moved on and when Seo Hoo grabs her hand and pulled her out from her office I felt like punching him. She is NOT a ragdoll! Ha Na stays true to herself by declining any offers. Seo Hoo seems like a cool playboy and just tells her to think about why he gave her the pink bunny (you gave her the bunny? Evacuate! Immediately!). Won asks from his colleague why a guy would give a girl a pink bunny, and they tell him that that “guy” wants to start a loving relationship with a clean slate. Hmmm.

Won has dinner with Ha Na’s family that night and her mother matchmakes her with an elderly “rock-lover” this time which tickles Won pink. Haha. I love that he takes a kick out of those things. Won remembers a very crucial incident from the past, when Ha Na’s engagement party was a bust (with the groom-to-be a.k.a Seo Hoo being no-show) they friends (sans Ha Na) had met for a drink. Ha Na calls Won asking to join them. Just then Seo Hoo comes to the same bar with girls hanging off her arm. Wow. Now that would kill Ha Na.


Ha Na works until late the next day (after prepping in front of the mirror in the morning). She gets a flower bouquet from Seo Hoo, and asks it to be removed. But she rereads the card. She receives a message from Won to watch a movie together. They agree. But Won watches it alone. Ha Na waits outside her office possibly waiting for Seo Hoo to arrive (why?) but Won arrives before and reads her mind. He pulls her all the way home, but ends up meeting Seo Hoo there. The obnoxious jerk asks Ha Na whether she waited for him to come and Won jumps in the middle eyeing him disgustedly. Wow. What away to end.

Ok, I’m saying it. There are two jerks in this drama, So Eun and Seo Hoo. Can we ship them off somewhere? Also, hands up if you want a Wonnie too! *both hands up*



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