The Time We Were Not In Love Episode 6 Review


When Le shit hits le fan, you just want to curl up and die. This drama hits me in the right places although weirdly enough, nobody else feels the same way. I understand that the original version was way different than this one but the Korean version has its own nuances, and I like it. The characters are well portrayed and the chemistry is palpable with enhanced emotions and feels. I get it, In Time With You hit amazing heights even for a drama and the OTP became sensational, but TTWWNIL is just starting. Let the grasshopper learn, it might do wonders.


After the three way confrontation as always, Hana tells off the smug Seo Hoo that she has nothing, nothing to say to him and he might as well go back to where he came from without showing his face ever again. And me and Won are feeling proud of you, baby girl. If only you can keep your feelings in check and just blast off the bastard. I feel like I’m blaming Seo Hoo a lot but that’s how rude of a character he is. The two friends go into Hana’s room. Hana asks Won to take care of the bunny. Aww, poor bugger. All he did was sleep. Hugely.


Won looks at the punching bag and asks Hana whether he should take care of that too. Flashback to day after maundy Thursday as Hana sleeps through the day (or three days, according to Mama Oh) without even getting up to eat. Won hangs a punching bag, challenging Hana for a big match. She gets up after he leaves and stares at it. Wow, what a friend! Won throws both the punching bag and the rabbit to the garbage after they do a rematch where Won wins. Hana has to buy him snacks and commence cuteness as they practice exercising on the road. Hana looks over at the garbage, and I hope its safe to say that she is finally starting to move on.


They go for a jog the next day, although practically its Won who is the more active with a worn out Hana trailing behind him barely working out her words. Haha. And I thought given her enthusiasm she might just excel in working out. Won wins yet again. Won is practically skipping to work today which our second leading lady notes.

Meanwhile, Hana sees a couple who displays PDA and thinks back to the time when Seo Hoo did such swoony things (I blushed. For real) like hugging her in the bathroom (I would suggest something more intense but this is a PG rated drama so….). Its adorably, when I think of it. Although he’s a full on jerk now, he seems to be quite passionate when they used to date. No wonder she fell for his charms. He was quite charming.


Seo Hoo and So Eun meet and Seo Hoo asks for a favor. We don’t know what it is (yet) but I smell evil. I don’t like the look on Seo Hoo’s face. That evening, the cousins put on cucumbers on their faces (so cute!) and Mi Hyang asks for updates- if it does not relate Hana. Lol. Won actually stays silent. Mi Hyang sighs and gives him permission to talk about Hana. I really love their conversations. They sound like noona-dongsaeng and its really cute. I love that all three if them know each other like the back of their hands and that Mi Hyang is a total fangirl when it comes to idols. Won says that he feels proud of Hana these days. You and me both, love. And Mi Hyang tells him to marry her if he likes her so much. Won: “Should I?”. Mi Hyang seems surprised at his answer.


The next morning, Won calls Hana at her office and they agree for beer and a movie. Hana wants a movie marathon (my type of girl!) but Won mentions age and tells her one movie is enough. Party pooper. They have a grand time, laughing ridiculously and making the other movie-goers point at them. Lol. I really love these two.


Next comes beer and they just have so much fun I just want them to be best friends forever. Its really cute how they interact with each other. After a few beers they discuss why their exes never liked the friend beside them. Won gives a perfectly explainable reason: The person in the relationship can’t see what’s ahead, but the person who’s one step behind can. That explains the whole logic behind the fact that one is blinded by love. I love that they still are sensible enough to talk about deep stuff even after a few beers. They cheer for Hana’s new project and the amazing night ends. Poor (not so much) Seo Hoo sends tons of messages to Hana which go unanswered as the besties are having a “we” time.


Won is asked who his ideal girl is by So Eun and he beats around the bush. But when she asks who Hana unnies ideal guy would be, this makes Won flashback. The besties talk in the library and when Won asks how Hana would chose her best suitor, her answer is: a kiss. Seriously, this girl is after my own heart. Won thinks about it for a while. Hmmm. Did you guys kiss already?

Of course So Eun would do something low like setting a “blind date” between Seo Hoo and Hana, enraging Won. I know why Won is mad, but I don’t understand why Seo Hoo keeps insisting that Won doesn’t have to concern himself with this. What, are you the king or something? Hana has no words when Seo Hoo basically says that he wants to date again, but she smartly walks away. Dude, take a hint and give up already. Won catches up to him when Hana walks away and won’t answer Won’s calls and he all but punches him. Its kinda sexy when Won is all mad, dontcha think?


Hana goes home and thinks back to her jilted wedding and how cute is Won giving her the space she wants. I love this guy. Seriously.


Hana has drinks with her friends and get super drunk. Her broke up friends reconcile which makes Hana think about her sunken relationship with Seo Hoo. No Hana, don’t go there.

So Eun tells Hana that she’s not giving up on Won (get a bloody hint, lady!) and when asked why, she gives a answer for Won to ponder about. “If I hide my feelings, then the other person wouldn’t know my heart. Because then there’s a chance I might lose that person”. Green light, Wonnie, go confess!

The besties spend time alone thinking about their relevant (nonexistent) love lives and Won thinks back to their library time. He’d been spying on Hana, who’d been busy reading romance novels (guess we are not the same totally). The lights go off and they call out for each other. Apparently the whole room is bathed in darkness. Hence, Won and Hana experience their heart thumping first kiss.


What a way to end! I knew that there was definitely something about that first kiss that Hana mentioned and I want to know what her reaction might be. Was it a brilliant crazy kinda first kiss or just an afterthought? Wonnie tell how you feel!! And Wonnie keep being as amazing and lovely as ever! We love you a whole bunch! ❤❤❤



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  1. Ha Ji Won says:

    thanks for your recaps…you’re amazing as our otp…love them very much and i can’t wait for them to show their feelings already…my heart flutters in that so called “accidental kiss” or is it?!! i’m sure this drama deserves to get more attention…the casts and crew are working so hard…fighting…sooo excited…


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