I Order For You : Episodes 1 – 8 Review


“I Order For You” is sweet, cute and flirts with your taste buds, thereby testing your patience. I have the same reaction as of the leading lady when it comes to food – I would marry the chef if the food is mouthwateringly delicious. Seriously though, this drama is a surprise ray of sunshine and best to watch while eating. The leads have good believable chemistry and is so much fun to watch but the best thing for me is the food! food! food! Me, a couch potato, actually got up to cook when I watched it. See, miracles are real.


The drama starts with Park Song Ah (Kim Ga Eun) watching deliciously over ‘Fl-ada’ Head Chef, Yeo Gook Dae (Jung Yunho from boy band TVXQ) as he prepares a delicious looking lunch box for her, to deliver to her bodyguard younger brother, Park Song Joo (Yoon Hong Bin). She is given some samples to taste and we drift into her fairy tale mind as she enjoys the food and exclaim, “I like you….”. Gook Dae is surprised and Song Ah corrects herself, “The food. I meant the food. I like it”. Suuuuure you did. Why not? We find out that Gook Dae has two employees of his own at the lunch box restaurant, Fl-ada, hyung Han Bi Ryung (Baek Jong Won), the responsible elder chef and Nam Soori (Jo Yoon Woo), the younger irresponsible chef. But, Gook Dae seems to be the most delicious looking chef. Its no wonder Song Ah fell for him. To Song Ah, its love at first sight. For Gook Dae, its nuisance at first sight.


As we watch Song Ah keep falling for Gook Dae and how Gook Dae kinda likes her back, we enjoy the delicious food porn and get introduced to new characters. Enter Kevin Joo a.k.a Joo Gyung Joo (Jang Seung Jo), Song Ah’s team leader and later found out to be her classmate as well. He’s handsome, talented, kind, smiley and successful and seems to have a huge crush on her, so why not? But in her mind, he’s only her classmate. And she is clearly in love with Gook Dae.


Song Ah wins a random contest in the Fl-ada website and gets to have Gook Dae do anything she wants. He plays around her a bit, but ultimately gives into cook anything she wants, free if charge. Girl, that’s like every wild dream come true! Hot guy cook the yummiest meals for you for a whole day and you get to watch him cook and eat as well? Sign me in! But by the end of the night, she accidentally breaks a prized plate (a meatball got stuck in her throat and Gook Dae had to perform the Heimlich maneuver). So they sign a contract for Song Ah to work there everyday. Wow, what a way to get the girl you have a crush on, closer to you. Oooops, too soon?


And yes, as time pass, we see that Gook Dae has a crush on her too. After getting drunk a bit (and seeing her smile with Kevin), Gook Dae grabs her and plants one of the most passionate kisses ever on earth. At first she’s surprised, but she gives it quickly. And they kiss the night away. I seriously felt as if I’m witnessing a married couple’s intimate moment. The kiss was that good. But later as Song Ah dwells in her after-kiss bliss, Gook Dae asks to talk and says that he’s married, or more accurately, divorced. Way to break our heroine’s heart. She is upset more not because he is divorced, but because she thinks that he doesn’t like her back. After getting sick, she faints and is admitted to the hospital, and dreams of her late mother who kisses her forehead. She discovers that somebody did kiss her forehead and its definitely not her mother. Her heart sinks when she sees Kevin walk to the elevator, but she doesn’t see that Gook Dae was in the elevator and was the person to kiss her forehead.


When Kevin proposes, she doesn’t accept him and lets him down politely. Then Song Joo lets Song Ah know that Gook Dae hyung clearly likes her to give her a lunch box (filled with things her mother made for her, which she only told to Gook Dae) as the proposal lunch box (that Kevin evilly told Gook Dae to make) and that he visited the hospital. Finally clued in to her mystery kisser, Song Ah races to Fl-ada to confront him. He asks whether he wasn’t clear in his actions (I wasn’t) and tells it out loud, “I like you, Park Song Ah”. Squeeeeee!



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