K-drama Tropes : Friends to Lovers


Yes, I’ve been gone for so long, but I’m back with a post that will probably light your day. Kdrama tropes: friends to lovers. I know I don’t have to deeply describe this as everyone know well what it means. In friendly terms, it means putting your friendship at risk and pursuing a romantic relationship. But in romantic terms it means continuing your friendship much more intimately, more romantically.
In dramaworld, this trope is much used to the point of abuse. In every drama there is at least one couple who used to be friends but in a mysterious other worldly way they start to have feeling for each other and one kiss/hug later they are confessing their feelings for each other. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. And sometimes people get weary of the trope.
So here’s a list of dramas that actually made this trope amazing and brought good feelings to us. Plus they made us swoon. (Note: this list excludes currently airing dramas)

9 Ends And 2 Outs


If two friends are supposed to get together by the end of the day why not put them into one house and watch the shenanigans? That’s what happened to Hong Nan Hee and
Byun Hyung Tae. They were best friends from the times they remember and when Nan Hee started to date a younger guy, best friend Hyung Tae unintentionally started to fall for her. And vice versa. Best thing is, they started to live together as best friends and I think this is one of the dramas that actually shows a pair’s friendship before delving into the undeniable territory. Hyung Tae also made us swoon with his gentlemanliness and ability to care for Nan Hee as we fell for the two leads’ adorable yet sexual chemistry. It was undeniable, really. The only flaw IMO is that Nan Hee’s relationship with the younger guy got dragged until the last episode and I think she actually is heartbroken that she had to end it.

Answer Me 1997


While looking into kdrama tropes why not do it in style, Answer Me style? Answer Me must be the biggest franchise in the kdrama world with every drama becoming a hit, sleeper or otherwise. It all started with this, Answer Me 1997. Sung Shi Won and Yoon Yoon Jae were best friends who practically killed each other. The bickering contests never ended even after they got married and Shi Won found out that she was pregnant. Oh sorry, I forgot. She was pregnant before marriage. That was the issue. I have never loved a bickering couple as much as these two, and the leads chemistry is the reason. Jung Eun Ji and Seo In Guk became sensational and their duets also made rounds around the world. AM did it in style, definitely. I didn’t have much complains about this.

Answer Me 1994


Is it a friends to lovers trope if the heroine fell for her oppa-like figure, whom she and her own brother were best friends with? I’ll take that as a yes so I can squee extra hard about this. The second installment of the Answer Me franchise, this drives more into the past. There were shipping wars and the husband game was much more vicious than the previous year, but still, it brought the heart, humor and love all around. Sung Na Jung and Kim Jae Joong (a.k.a oppa-ya, Garbage oppa, Trash oppa) became a day today name in households and everyone wanted an oppa-ya. I really love this drama because it established my love for the actor who played oppa-ya. The chemistry was sky high and there was hilarity all around. And the kisses. Oh the kisses…

The Time We Were Not In Love


This drama brought so much confusion to the viewers and until the last moment most of the were not satisfied. I too would’ve been if I kept reading the bad comments and lived in their negativity. I actually loved this drama and the two leads were mesmerizing. Choi Won is such a winning male lead with the over care for his best friend, Lee Hana. And Hana was not to be kept in the corner, she proved that she was highly capable of loving him although it took her 7(?) Years and 20 episodes to fall for him. Meanwhile this drama also had the most hated second male lead, who is currently breaking hearts left and right in Six Dragons. Lol. I loved this drama, although the only flaw was that it took so freaking much time to finally fall in love!

So what is your list? Comment and let me know! Here’s some screencaps to go…




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