Love Always: a She Was Pretty fanfic


Chapter Two

“So what’s new?”

I looked over at Min Hari and smiled. She seemed very happy and friendly, that was a change. I saw her at her worst, she saw me at my worst, we actually do complement each other.

“Nothing, its just that this is the first time I’ve been to Korea after my world tour, and for the first time it feels like home”

“Why would you say that?” Hari was interested in my story.

“I finally have friends”

I smiled at that little secret. Its really true. I was someone who made friends quickly and broke apart from them. I had a secret to keep and I wasn’t comfortable with them. When I met Jackson for the first time, I knew that there is somebody like me, confused and slow. Also, incomplete. I knew that she would change my life. Then I met Hari, the girl who lived a lie, and got hurt because of that. I was the voice of reason and for some reason, that was why I got close to her. The Sung Joon came, the guy who took away Hye Jin. Although at first I felt jealous, I understood their love. That commitment. That bond. Nobody could come in between them and nobody wanted to. I felt cornered in their relationship and since I didn’t want to get dragged like a third wheel, I confessed my feelings, gladly took the rejection and moved away from her life. I admitted defeat.

The Sung Joon met me. He was ecstatic. He was getting married, to the only woman he loved for his 31 years. I admit, he was a good man and he can make Hye Jin feel loved. I also wish I would meet someone who would make me feel loved like how Sung Joon loved Hye Jin-

“Kim Shin Hyuk?”

I turned around and saw Hari’s confused face. For a moment I got blinded by her beauty. Wow. She really was pretty. Her hair was longer and she didn’t dress scandalously now. A mint green scarf circled her neck and her salmon pink beanie looked really nice on her.

“Where are you going?” I asked.

“I have to go to the greenhouse, Hye Jinnie asked me to meet her”

“Ah right. I have to meet up with some interviews and then I’ll join you in the greenhouse?” I asked.

“That would be nice” she grinned and I returned her gesture.

We kept staring at each other for sometime before I remembered that I was actually running out of time. Outside the airport we said our goodbyes. We shook hands and I noticed that she didn’t have her gloves on. That’s a difference.

“Kim Shin Hyuk”

I turned around to see her standing their with a smile plaster on her face.

“It was nice meeting you again”

“Me too” I agreed.

Hari-ya, let’s move on with our lives. Let’s live again. Let’s laugh again. Let’s love again. Let’s be strong.

We waved at each other and I watched her walk away until the yellow taxi disappeared into the traffic.


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