Love Always: a She Was Pretty fanfic


Chapter Three

Waiting for Hye Jin, I stopped and smelled the roses. Time has passed and Hye Jin must be so happy. I was happy too. I’m finally starting my restaurant. I can’t wait to tell Hye Jin.

“It was nice meeting you again”

Aigoo Hari-ya, why did you have to sound so cheesy? What if Shin Hyuk will think that I am hitting on him? That embarrassment! A smile crept to my lips and I didn’t know why I was smiling. Remembering Shin Hyuk I was smiling? There was something wrong with me.

“Me too”

Hari-ya, get a grip of yourself! But that grin, and the dimples and the rough beard he had around his jaw… It was like he was Shin Hyuk but he was also not Shin Hyuk… What is wrong with me? Think something else, something not Shin Hyuk….




My Hye Jin was looking beautiful! Her loose bouncy curls were back and so was her red face. That face I loved so much. She was practically glowing- wait…. If she was glowing..


I lept away from her as if on fire. With my arms still around her I stared at her. There was a question written in my eyes and I wanted to ask it so much but I didn’t want others to hear it.

“Ah waaaeeee?” She squiggled and I squealed with delight.

“You’re pregnant?”

Hye Jin looked as if I’ve seen a ghost. She quickly covered my mouth and looked around.


Oh God, she really was!


“Manura!!! You’re getting married and you are pregnant! Seong Joon-ah couldn’t stay right?” I hugged her over and over again.

“Aigoo Hari-ya…. Don’t shout. I’m sooooo happy, Hari-ya!”

We squealed around like two crazy persons until it took minutes to stop. I kept my head near her belly, while she giggled like a school girl, trying to push me away. I don’t think I’ve ever been happier than this day. Hye Jin-ah was pregnant and she was happier than ever.

“So, I won’t tell anybody, but, who’s the father?” I teased and she pushed me away with so much strength that I practically toppled over the bench.

“Ah yaaaahhhh!!!”

Aw, she’s so cute. Her dimples could cut diamonds. I remember Shin Hyuk having the same dimples. Aigoo why again Hari-ya?

“I invited Shin hyuk too” she informed me and weirdly enough I acted surprised,” it’s alright. He’s okay now. I think he has moved on. Hari-ya, what do you think of Shin Hyuk?”

I coughed on my lollipop.


“It would be amazing if you two get together. We can plan a double wedding then”

Ok, so now she’s a mad pregnant lady.

“Your hormones are not letting you think right. Too much Seong Joon’s super sperm?” I joked.

“Ah yaaaaahhhhh!!!!!”

I giggled as we both stared at each other at my choice of words.

“I wasn’t kidding Hari-ya, do you really think of Shin Hyuk as a man?”

Hmmmm.. Was I? Did I see him as a man? Did he see me as a woman? Did we see as if we might have a future together? What did I think?

“Noooo!” I screamed.

Yes, I did. I was surprised by my own confession.


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