Heartoppaya’s list of watchable dramas


Most bloggers have made the ultimate sacrifice of choosing five dramas that made the year wonderful and although when reading I laughed at their pain, right now right here, I am crying because of that same pain. Choosing five dramas is hard! And think about that other dramas that didn’t make into the list. So imma do this in style; the dramas I have chosen made it into the list after fulfilling a trifecta of options: writing, acting, chemistry. Beautifully executed, I’d say. So after my favorite dramas of the year I’m gonna do some honorable mentions, thereby getting some dramas into my list. Nope, not cheating. Its called being awesome!

Healer (2014 – 2015)


“Oh my love I’m all yours
And there will never be another one ’cause I’m eternally yours…”

Exact sentiments of how I think of Healer. There is always one drama that drives into your heart, mind and soul every year and leaves you thinking about it forever, like an exboyfriend or someone. And this year for me, its Healer. Trifecta completed and very amazingly so, Healer is one rare gem, which boosted the actors’ careers and gave immediate recognition overseas. Not to over exaggerate but Ji Chang Wook owned the role and was so perfect in his separate portrayals of meek and nerdy Bong Soo, weird and natural Jung Hoo and perfectionist night errand boy Healer that if anyone else was casted I don’t think that they would do a good job. I never really loved Park Min Young  but as Young Shin she just broke all the high built walls around my heart and somehow won it. She was a head strong heroine with common sense, curiosity and wit. She was one of those heroines who would not just sit there until the hero comes and saves the day. She’d get up, sass a little bit at her enemy, confuse him and run like a teeny little mouse saving her own behind, thankyouverymuch. That’s what I loooooved of Young Shin. She was so real and not in any chance a damsel-in-distress. She’d actually save her boyfriend too if possible. And her enemies. She’s a definite keeper. Healer is hands down, a pure win. An all rounder.

Girl Who Sees Smells (2015)


Yet again another trifecta completed. The best thing about this is, this drama is the only drama where I’ve never seen the actors in any previously. Too strange to be true, you’d say? Yeah, I know I can be a bit unpredictable. But truth be told, I didn’t know where I was going, but once in I couldn’t get out. Didn’t want to, actually. Only drama which my kdrama hating cousin watched eagerly. This cop drama would’ve been a complete fail if not for the engaging four characters who saved the day. The writing matched the characters and the chemistry drove home. An absolute win for me. Park Yoo Chun was amazing as the senseless direction less cop with an affinity to sneak into cars and scare everyone outta their pants. What I loved most about the drama is the clear winner, Shin Se Kyung who stole the show with her impeccable comedic timing and her strange sense of enunciated smell. The chemistry was very well executed and the villain was so amazing that Nam Goong Min still gives me chills. Sexy bastard.

I Remember You (2015)


I’m a sucker for Sherlockiness and IRY was definitely on that path. Hot genius with lack of sense and a matching psychopathetic enemy on the run? Call Sherlock Holmes and Moriarty, their identities are being stolen! But successfully, I’d say. Really. I’ve been a fan of Seo In Guk ever since Reply 1997 and Jang Nara since Fated to love you but seeing them together, using their brains to solve crimes and using their lips to sell the romance, I’m pretty much sure I’m gone for. These two were adorable! But the definite award goes to Park Bo Gum. Best confused psychopath killer. I loved the bromance so much I cried at the end of it. This is a must watch for sherlocked people. I loved every emotional moment which felt very real and every actor sold their acting in a very believable way. I have to say this drama had the best casting ever.

She Was Pretty (2015)


Ok, you literally have no idea how much cuteness was packed in this drama that I would practically get numb by the sugary sweetness of it. I love love loved this drama so much especially since I was hoping for a hookup between Hwang Jung Eun and Park Seo Joon ever since seeing them together as siblings in Kill Me Heal Me. And to my happiness, they filmed a romcom together and it was a success. It also brought a major fanfare for the adorable but weird second male lead Choi Siwon who is reportedly doing well in the army these days. The ex-faux twins have chemistry deep like the ocean and I loved everytime they hugged or kissed. Ok, I’m starting to sound like a high school fangirl. Anyway, yes, trifecta completed, writing, acting and chemistry, all spot on. I think the four main actors were born to act that role. Definitely in my to watch again and again list.

Splash Splash Love (2015)


And finally the latecomer to the list, SSL. I would’ve included some other drama if this aired in 2016 or if I haven’t watched it because Kim Seulgi is my bias, but I watched it. And I loved it. I’m still in love with it. The acting was spot on, the chemistry made me sad that it didn’t have 16 episodes. But I definitely loved this two episode drama. It just captured all the elements of a 16 episode drama and didn’t disappoint one bit. Kim Seulgi and her adorable manchild king Yoon Doo Joon were a match made in heaven and I adore them to bits and hope for a full run of their kinda fun.

Honorable mentions

Finally, the honorable mentions time! I just love this moment because you can’t limit it to just five dramas. It’s honorable mentions, so I have to honor them. Hee. Anyway, let’s start with my favorite:

Angry Mum (2015)


I’ve always adored Kim Hee Sun ever since her portrayal in Faith and thought that she looks way younger than her age. But here she is a badassed ahjumma with a daughter to protect, a whole school to take care of and a puppy to swoon… This drama just proved that Jo Kang Ja is not some fierce ahjumma, but a proper lady with issues. Nobody can hurt her baby and get away with that. They had to deal with one angry mum, or maybe some more once the school’s bad plays become public. This drama also made a breakout for young actor Ji Soo who I’m sure everyone recognizes. Go Bok Dong was the misunderstood marshmallow who not only befriended Kang Ja (in her highschool disguise) but fell for her as well, which made amazing hilarious and painful highschool hijinks. I still remember him sniffing her hair. Haha. Anyway, if you wanna watch how an ahjumma deals with school corruption through disguise and make a cute hottie fall for her, this is that exact drama. Salutè

Kill Me Heal Me


The only reason this didn’t fall into my list is because I honestly didn’t have the time and sources to watch. Maybe just time then. But I did read the recaps and watched funny videos (which were a lot) online. The reason why it fell to the honorable mentions is because when the star of the drama Ji Sung won the 2015 Daesang, I decided to make time to watch it and I finally did. I’m still at the start, but I have to say, I definitely am getting addicted to it. I have to say, twins Hwang Jung Eum and Park Seo Joon definitely have other worldly chemistry and it is amazing to watch their natural siblingly antics just for the kick of it. I have a brother and we also quarrel. Its embarrassing to see our life out there in the open. Hee. Anyway, I am starting to see that the Daesang was indeed deserved because to pull seven characters in one drama is hefty work. I wouldn’t be able to do that for sure. The leads chemistry is so far so good, but I’m waiting for more.

Sassy Go Go (2015)


This drama I started to watch for Reply 1997’s Jung Eun Ji but ended up with all my love to the bromantic couple Captain Crankypants and Mr. Crinkly Eyes a.k.a Ji Soo and Lee Won Geun the BFFs who never gave up being BFFs. Their understanding is so alike that they fell for the same girl. Side note, wake me up when Ji Soo gets the girl. SGG was a breezy take on high school where ironically, the cheerleaders are the school’s outcast. Best thing though, strong heroine and even stronger bond with her roommate a.k.a Ms. I-have-to-do-my-evil-mother’s-bidding. Amazing drama if you want cuteness and Ji Soo.

Crazily enough, my honorable mentions list ends here. I just can’t think of any dramas that took my time and my money. But my attitude to kdramas is here, take my time and money, and let me fall for you…

Happy New Year!


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