Ok, it’s hard to form a coherent sentence when there is so much going on with these two! I started to watch after a good friend of mine on soompi went on and on about them and couldn’t even stop to take a breather. At first thought that she was suffering from dehydration and constant fainting but then I figured that the sickness is called ‘SoLim’. It’s a household name now in Korea and most other countries, especially like Turkey….. SoLim/SoRim Couple a.k.a LTE Couple (Let’s Touch Everything) a.k.a Song Jae Rim (Surplus Princess, Nail Shop Paris) and Kim So Eun (Liar Game, Mourning Grave) in reality show ‘We Got Married. I know I’m being a bit of a fangirl here but with this couple I can’t help my squeals. There’s just so much to tell!

I first knew Jae Rim (I’ll use my favorite nickname for him ‘Rimmie’ hereon) in Age of Innocence where he acted as the charismatic and relaxed fighter, Mo Il Hwa, who warmed girls hearts by that Cheshire grin. He captured my heart and I looked forward for the upcoming episodes just to get a glimpse of that hottie (Kim Hyung Joon, who?). Then I watched Surplus princess and really, I skipped all other parts except for the Apple Butt parts, coz really, who else? Recently my unnie recommended Nail Shop Paris, and told me to watch it saying, “No, dongsaeng, you won’t be disappointed”, which I got the meaning to say “He’s hot in it!”, and so, yes, I watched it. And I fell more in love….

Anyway, So Eun (her, I named as ‘Eunnie’), I knew from her BOF days. Boys Over Flowers was a drama that rendered many happy relationships, especially, Jan Di (Gu Hye Sun) and Jun Pyo (Lee Min Ho) and Ga Eul (Eunnie) and Yi Sung (Kim Bum). With her adorableness and cuteness, Eunnie was a well respected actress.  She can be paired off with any actor and can have chemistry. I guess it’s the peak in being Kim So Eun. With her petite-ness, she really grew on me, right from the start of her career. But then her popularity grew leaps and bounds ever since she was starred against Rimmie in WGM.

So, I narrowed down the reasons as to why you SHOULD watch these two on WGM. It was hard work, I guarantee. *wipes sweat*

Here goes!


I consider the chemistry between the OTP (One True Pair) to be the second driving factor behind the success of any movie/drama (the first being an engaging plot). And even though there aren’t any good liplocks (c’mon, admit it. What we want to see in any drama is liplocks, right?), if the chemistry is sizzling and downright amazing, what else do we really need?

Rimmie and Eunnie have this off-chart chemistry that seems a bit too much on book, but watching them is mesmerizing. I was first a bit hesitant to touch the WGM topic. Everybody knows that they are acting. There’s no real relationship going on and it’s useless even trying to ship them in real life. But then these two happened and took all WGM viewers and haters, by storm. These two are downright ridiculously adorable and not one minute passes without me rolling on the floor, clutching my poor shipper heart.

Skin-ship seems so natural between these two that you wonder if they had done it before. We are given fan-service every episode and I can practically hear the shippers’ squeals all over the world.  The hugs, the handholds- the feels! The best hug can be said as the recent episode’s hug in the pool…. Oh Gosh, I almost fainted. If you haven’t watched it, watch it now!


Ok, chillax. They started skin-ship right from the start. If you remember, in the first episode when they are given a literal Blind Date, Eunnie started touching his Adam’s apple and his hair. And his answer to her asking if she can touch his Adam’s apple,

 “Do you have an Adam’s apple fetish?”

I think it was a foreshadowing of a truly brilliant relationship to come. I started laughing from that moment and I still haven’t stopped.


And right from the start, Rimmie maneuvered a handshake that turned into a handhold, which got many comments as to how he’s very familiar with skin-ship. C’mon, he’s a 30 year old red-blooded man, and although he’s not a teenager, he surely likes girls. He’s definitely not shy to show that he likes Eunnie. Although not outwardly affectionate, we all know that Eunnie fell for him for his outgoing personality and charm. Even in real life, it’s hard to not be charmed when he becomes Mo Il Hwa, right Eunnie?

Moving on…




Eunnie is well known for her sassy and not much bubbly personality. She has a good mouth on her and can train her fake husband (look ‘Obedient Song’) to do whatever she prefers to do. I mean she even gave him a manicure and face scrub! Does your husband let you do that? I did a pedicure to my oppa once and he chased me around the house, yelling bleeped out swear words. I warned my sister-in-law not to do that to him, like ever!


Anyway, Eunnie is sassy and competitive. She trampled all over Rimmie’s pride when she won over the clay-shooting competition. To be outmaneuvered by your wife? Gosh, imagine the embarrassment! What did Rimmie do? He said “Good job, jagiya” and hugged her. Haha, he’ll do whatever if it gets him to hug her. Eunnie started to show her affection recently, using aegyo and initiating handholds and leaning against each other. See, she learns. Leader Mo has taught her well.

She also has a large liver (meaning: her alcohol intake is high yet she can stay stable) – which was a huge twist I didn’t expect. It’s cute how she goes to the herbal alcohol cabinet at her home and chooses the best. She wants to drink the best with her Nampyeon.

One thing everybody knows is that there are three types for Rimmie:

  1. Utter Cheeseball (Master of Skin-ship)
  2. Tail-wagging puppy (Obedient Song)
  • Jealous Nampyeon (“She’s MINE!”)

Specifically, I don’t think I have to explain each and every aspect for SoLim Shippers, but for those who aren’t but are looking forward to watch a great couple, I will. Rimmie manages to say really cringe worthy flirtatious one-liners to Eunnie, which has her laughing and blushing in the first couple of episodes. Then she gets used to it and they get into wit wars and mano a manos which, I assure you, are very VERY entertaining. Her comebacks are hilarious and he’s laughing at her sometimes direct approach. One line that made famous was,

E: “Do you like chicken?”

R: “I like chicken wings”

E: (giggling) “Why, to fly?”

R: (all serious) “To fly to you”

Gahhhhh, this man…… He even makes chicken sound romantic.


He is also known as ‘Obedient Song’ for being such a puppy around Eunnie. She says sit, he sits. She says stand, he stands. She says roll over, he rolls over and we go O_O ……*_*…. He’s so obedient to Eunnie, that even the MCs say that he’s adorable. The Obedient Song can be seen very well at their wedding day when he did that dance (which Eunnie used her puppy-dog eyes to ask him to do) and she was on the top of the world. People say that it’s cringe worthy, I say it’s adorable.


Then he acts as the jealous husband when she talks with guys. He adorably glares at her and she disappears into fits of laughter. She called him cute when he glares like that and gets all huffy.


He’s openly affectionate, gets touchy-feely around his wife and his mind goes in the byeontae areas a little too much (not that I don’t enjoy it. I do. I really do. Guys on soompi knows how much I do), but one thing that is amazing as a man is his meticulousness. He’s very organized as opposed to Eunnie (which is another huge twist I did not expect), and washes dishes when his wife lazes around. He’s a really good husband, albeit fake in this.




Both of them have many things in common. Rimmie might be attractive and hilarious, but through that outer shell of perfection, is a ridiculous cat-lady. He’s the owner of three or more cats and his favorite being a huge black cat with so much fur, named “Olla”. The name comes in handy later on. The first thing that made me know that he’s going to be hilarious is this:

In episode one, he writes a list of things his ‘other half’ should have, and when he adds pets, he considers this.


“What if she has a hamster? No worries, you’re too fat to even catch a hamster”


Poor Olla. Being ridiculed by his master. But he must’ve been very happy to know that she’s a cat person too. Her cat is “Khuna”, (which incidentally is the name of one of her favorite singers- Nickhun….. the first glimpse of Jealous Nampyeon), a huge fluffy cat who gives looks at his new playmate- Olla. Rimmie suggested that they’d name themselves “Olla Appa” (him) and “Khuna Omma” (her) since it’s hard to remember her name (Shame on you, boy! Were you living under a rock when BOF aired?). They became the Olthakhuna Couple thereafter.

They also have a thing for energy drinks. It’s hilarious to see them comparing their energy drinks and medicine like an old couple who has nothing else to do. I’ll stop right there because I know nada regarding energy drinks and medication.


In a recent episode, Rimmie revealed that he likes water while Eunnie admitted that she’s an aquaphobiac (afraid of water) – it gets hard to breathe when the water comes up to her neck. She likes the sky, and thereby Rimmie revealed that he’s an acrophobiac (afraid of heights) – he squeezes his eyes shut when they go on the- ah-hah! Not saying. Heeee.




I think they became friends right from the start. They started to get used to each other, flaws and all included. Shippers say that there is some real life romance brewing between them and I don’t say no. It actually cannot be cornered to one side, there must be something more than friendship going on or it’s just friendship, nothing else at all. It’s hard to say, really. But I’d like to say, it depends upon how you see them.


When they won the Best Couple Award at the MBC Entertainment awards, the way they walked up to the stage was a good example of their friendship off-screen. The way they held hands and looked at each other, suggested a deeper friendship. I think and hope that they will be the best of friends even after the show ends (don’t end! :’()


People have implied a romance brewing between them, and even though I would like to see it happen (hello, skin-ship!), I’m afraid that if they break up in the future (which has a 0.000000000000000000000000000000001% possibility) they will be unable to stay friends. I have mentioned my concern about this over soompi once and the solution my sweethearts gave me: “Don’t worry, they won’t break up”. Talk about confidence. I want this friendship to last, like forever. It would be sad to see them break apart, even as friends.


I mean, c’mon, even the cats made friends. Olla and Khuna, Besties Forever!





Ratings. Hah, like I have to say. Chart-toppers. Search for Sol- and then they give you the rest, believe me.




Good lord the shippers. In the soompi thread, now the pages exceed 1,110, and just after 15 episodes (at that time). Do I have to say more? They analyze everything to do with this couple and divide, centralize and show- Yep, they’re compatible.

SoLim Couple is going to make history, mark my words.


Credit to all bloggers’ whose pics/gifs I borrowed from…. Sorry… I still have a lot to learn…. 🙂


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  1. ParkSiQa says:

    Hey! I love your post! Thank you so much. No need to comment more. You have lay it all. Hope you will bring more people to love this couple as much as all of us in soompi do.
    See you in the thread chingu!


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